Lisa Van Horne is a writer, editor, and communications professional based in Colorado.

Copywriter by day and storyteller always, Lisa is passionate about telling the unique stories of people, businesses, and places. With experience writing compelling content and engaging with readers across mediums through topics including local culture, lifestyle, and events, Lisa develops articles for local and statewide publications and blogs and creates social media and website content for brands in numerous industries.

Lisa specializes in exploring a diverse range of subjects through her writing, including:

Architecture & Design

From highlighting luxurious Colorado communities to exploring the details of spectacular home builds, historic home remodels, kitchen remodels, and interior designs and aesthetics, Lisa focuses on how the artfully crafted details of properties reflect the personalities of the owners and fit into the local identity.

Business Spotlights

Every business has a story beyond the products on their shelves or services they provide. Lisa interviews business owners across a wide range of industries and niches to discover the stories and passions behind their ventures, highlighting their missions, goals, and what makes them unique.

Craft Beer

Craft beer is best enjoyed amongst friends and best appreciated with an understanding of the science behind it and the passion and creativity of the brewers who make it. From highlighting the stories of local breweries to diving into exciting news and brews in the industry, Lisa revels in exploring (and enjoying) the Colorado craft beer scene.

Food & Cooking

Culinary writing for Lisa isn’t about critiquing local restaurants or writing bad reviews. It’s about celebrating the art of food and flavors, and she specializes in writing about recipes, local eateries and ingredients, seasonal treats, healthy eating, and creative cooking.

& Much More!

Eager to continue learning and exploring through writing, Lisa is always looking for her next creative challenge and opportunities to write about new topics and subjects.