Lisa Van Horne is a freelance writer and editor and a communications professional living in Boulder, Colorado, who revels in exploring through storytelling and writing.

A perpetual scribbler, Lisa has been writing for the majority of her life. From writing and illustrating fantastical stories about her favorite animals as a kid to writing papers about Woodstock and drafting screenplays in college, Lisa’s background is focused on creative writing.

After graduating from the University of San Diego, Lisa ventured to New York City to try her hand at living the Manhattan lifestyle. After a few years of commuting into Midtown with the rest of the suits and ties of the city while working in Human Resources, Lisa craved a change and looked to head westward again. After a long weekend in the greater Denver area full of sun, craft beer, and fresh mountain air, Lisa packed up her bags and her dog and jumped in a U-Haul for the second time in five years, landing in Boulder.

Having found home in Colorado, Lisa’s mission is to continue exploring through writing and to tell the stories of local and statewide culture through snapshots of the state’s businesses, individuals, festivals, current events, and more. She also creates website and social media content for businesses with the goal of engaging audiences and building brand awareness.

Lisa continues to seek out creative challenges, venture to see every mountain town in the Rockies, ski as much as possible, learn to play guitar, and just maybe someday win a competitive swim race.

You can also learn a little more about Lisa in the Boulder Lifestyle Magazine April 2017 “Meet the Team” piece here! Because what would a Q&A with her be without references to her dog, Lord of the Rings, and cheesy 90s jams?

The Details

Lisa graduated magna cum laude from the University of San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in English, focusing on American literature and creative writing. Lisa has a broad range of experience writing for publications including Thirst Colorado, Boulder Lifestyle Magazine, Your Boulder, and more. She also freelances as a blog writer and social media content creator with Intuition Kitchen Ink and has editing experience with companies across multiple industries.

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