A Craft Beer Story: Wild Woods Brewery

One of the reasons that I first started writing about breweries here in Boulder is because, whenever I visited a new one, it was immediately clear that they each had their own unique story on many levels; why the owners first started brewing, why their beers are named what they are, why they brew the kinds of beers they do, and more. Each brewery has a backstory behind it not just in their unique brewing process, but in how the idea of opening a brewery entered the minds of the owners in the first place.

Wild Woods Brewery here in Boulder is no exception. This brewery is unique, creative, and, naturally, offers exceptionally delicious and specially crafted beer. You will be sure to find me in their taproom playing Scrabble with a beer in hand the next time we have a snowstorm ($2.50 pints of Smores Stout!).

To read my article published with Eat Drink Boulder, “Wild Woods Brewery: A Nature-Inspired Craft Beer Story,” on Wild Woods, their story, and its upcoming seasonal offerings, click here.

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