BIFF is Back: The Boulder International Film Festival from March 5th – 8th

There are all different types of movies. There are guilty pleasure movies that, when you sit down to watch them, your only expectation is to be entertained at a basic level. There are your favorites, your lazy weekend movies, your curl up contently on the couch movies, the ones you could watch over and over again and revel in each and every time. Sometimes I get lucky and the truly witty, clever, smart, well-written, and thought-inspiring movies mingle with these first two categories, such as when I watch Juno, Captain Phillips, The Social Network, or Slumdog Millionaire (amongst many, many others). I love love love movies.

But movies can also sometimes be disappointing. Especially recently, it seems like some movies aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they were solely made for the sake of making a few extra dollars (okay, a few million extra dollars) for a niche star and the producers who know they can squeeze a little bit more money out of his name. However, when a movie is good, and I mean truly good, meaningful, and unique, it is worth all the lesser movies I’ve ever sat through.

My latest post with Your Boulder explores some of the artful variety and creative excitement that is happening in Boulder right now at the Boulder International Film Festival (otherwise known as BIFF) which will be running until the closing events this Sunday, March 8th. You can find the full article, “BIFF is Back: The Boulder International Film Festival,” here.

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