Boulder’s Pop Culture Influence & Reputation

I’m a movie quote and reference machine. My family watched a lot of movies growing up, quite a few of them way before us kids were probably old enough to. My parents had a strict rule. If we were watching a movie that was deemed “mature” for us, we had to, and I mean had to, close our eyes and ears whenever my parents told us to. If we were caught not following their directions, no more movie for us. Bedtime. That’s it. Caput. Movies like Gladiator, The Full Monty, The Sixth Sense….I watched all of them way before I probably should have. But my parents trusted us and, in return, I got introduced to storytelling through film nice and early on.

Our very own city of Boulder has quite the reputation across pop culture as well. Whether we’re getting poked fun at (in good jest of course) for being a hippie haven or if it’s the setting for a post-apocalyptic survivors camp (intrigued yet?) Boulder has shown up all over the place across the entertainment spectrum.

Check out my article with Your Boulder, “Boulder in Pop Culture,” here to learn more.

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