It’s All About the Beer: Article Up on Your Boulder About Avery Brewing Company!

Back on December 16th, I had an article posted on Your Boulder about Avery Brewing Company here in Boulder. In the few months I’ve lived here, I’ve gone from being the girl who asks, “What’s the closest thing you have the Bud Light?” when I go to a new brewery to sometimes ordering a beer that’s darker than my boyfriend’s. Going on tours at breweries like Avery give an insight into how much of an art form craft brewing and craft beer are and the passion that the brewers have for it. It’s a creative process, and hearing the brewers at Avery talk about their product has absolutely been enough to convince me that, while I’ll still always love my Labatt Blue Lights, craft beer is fun, imaginative, and a blast to drink!

For my full article, “Inside Avery Brewing: It’s All About the Beer,” click here.

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