Kaiut Yoga: Challenging & Relaxing

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with yoga. There’s just something about it that has always made me feel so awkward. I went through a stretch of time while I was training for a swim race in San Diego when I was going to classes pretty regularly, and it was only with that constant repetition that I remember thinking maybe I didn’t look quite so much like the drunk Gumbi I was sure I did when I first started out. Since then, though, I’ve only gone to classes here and there, and it is hugely dependent on the style of yoga, the setting, and the teacher, whether I feel like it was a successful class or not.

Yoga Loft in South Boulder completely took away those qualms on all fronts when I attended a Kaiut Yoga session this past month. Between the relaxing rest poses, the slow burn of the stretches, and the snow falling outside the big windows, it was a yoga class like I’d never experienced.

Check out my article and learn about this new style of yoga in the April 2017 issue of Boulder Lifestyle Magazine by flipping to pages 80-81. You can also read “A Nourishing Practice: Kaiut Yoga,” here.

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