Launching the Beer in Boulder Blog

The idea for Beer in Boulder, a project that Pat and I recently started, truthfully stemmed from selfish reasons. When we moved to Boulder we wanted to get ingrained in the community in the worst way. We wanted to meet new people, find new favorite bars and restaurants, and immerse ourselves in the city we were falling in love with. We followed every Boulder-related news and events Facebook and Twitter page that we could and signed up for countless email subscription lists just to be able to find out what was going on in the area on any given Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night.

When we had new friends move to the area about a year after we did, they commented that they were having some trouble finding out about events going on at local restaurants and breweries and in the city as well. Everyone was always saying that there was so much happening in Boulder all the time, but they didn’t know where to find out about all of these events.

Chatting over beers at Fate Brewing Company (over a ridiculously good brunch I might add) one weekend, Pat and I started wondering how we could help solve this problem while also highlighting and supporting local breweries in the community. Beer in Boulder, a weekly email with a consolidated list of all the events happening that week at craft breweries in Boulder County, was the base idea. There were endless possibilities…social media pages, a blog, TV episodes talking about craft beer…it’s been an incredibly fun project to start and continue building.

That is the Reader’s Digest version of the story. For a full story on the inception of Beer in Boulder, ready my inaugural article on the Beer in Boulder Blog, “New State, New Home, New Stout, New Start,” here.

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