Peppercorn and That Window Shopping Mood

Window shopping is an activity that I love. Yes, it’s one that requires a certain mood, but when that coffee-in-your-hand, crisp fall or winter air, carefree, relaxing, nothing-on-your-calendar, best-friend-by-your-side mood hits, window shopping is always an adventure. Whether you’re at Bazaar Del Mundo (my old favorite window shopping haunt in Old Town in San Diego), walking down the wooden plank sidewalks in Virginia City, or in a town you’re just visiting for the first time, you never know what you will find and what you’ll learn about that place.

As I’ve said before, Pearl Street Mall is the window shopping mecca of Boulder. Now that Halloween has passed, it will be no time before Christmas lights are lining the street and entangled in its trees, snow is falling, and Pearl Street’s shops will be ripe for holiday picking.

Peppercorn on Pearl Street is a wonderfully unique, creative, and always extremely varied store that is one of my favorites to peruse in. Click here for my article with Your Boulder about Peppercorn, “Peppercorn: Pearl Street in a Nutshell,” and all is has to offer.

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