Quincy the Sea Lion

My chocolate lab absolutely can’t wait for Dog Days at the Scott Carpenter Pool (or at least when I imagine what he’s thinking is that he is so-freaking-excited-he-can’t-wait!).

I love watching my big, goober-y, clumsy teddy bear of a dog jump into the water and swim like a total natural. He is a lab after all, so he’s literally built for it, and that big otter tail rudders through the water and his paws web out and his big jowls float in the water and he’s smiling and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!) (disclaimer: this post contains shameless puppy mom gushing and bragging!).

This was such a fun post to write for Your Boulder. Check out “Dog Days at Scott Carpenter Pool: September 14-27, 2015” here.

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