Your Boulder Articles: Wrapping Up 2015

The frenzy of anticipation leading up to the holiday season transitions into a blur of laughing, gift-giving, cheer, happiness, carols, champagne, and activity, and, before you know it, it’s a new year and January is upon us.

In the middle of all the lights and cheers and festivity, December 2015 was also a big writing month for me, and I had two articles published with Your Boulder that I’m both excited about and proud of.

Salute Colorado is a Boulder-based organization working to actively support service men and women as they transition out of the military and into the civilian world. In my piece featuring Salute Colorado with Your Boulder, I interviewed Salute Colorado leadership and put a spotlight on the vital and very personal work this organization is doing.

In my second piece for Your Boulder in December, I highlighted Boulder’s railroad history, one that harkens back to the wild west and also gives an interesting perspective o the inception and progression of our town.

To read “Salute Colorado: Supporting a Successful Transition,” click here.

For my “Connecting Colorado: Boulder’s Railroad History,” click here.

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