French Toast Frenzy

I wasn’t always big on breakfast. My childhood and teenage metabolism could run off of a couple Pop Tarts or a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats in the morning with no problem. In college, I’d often skip breakfast altogether or call my large black coffee my morning meal. When I met my now husband, however, his fanatic love of breakfast rubbed off on me big time.

An egg sandwich is usually my breakfast of choice (as my husband would say, protein protein protein!) but the truth is that I have yet to find a breakfast food I don’t like. I love that breakfast can be a power meal or an indulgence, hugely savory or unbelievably sweet. Which brings me to French toast.

Check out my latest article with Your Boulder, “Boulder’s Best Destinations for French Toast,” to read about some local restaurants who’ve seriously upped their breakfast and brunch game with amazing French toast dishes both classic and creative.

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