Introducing Nederland: A Mountain Town History

Regional writing has to be some of my favorite writing to do. I think it’s fascinating to dive into the history of a state, region, or town, and learning about their histories both large and small. From overarching lessons like how the town got started and what industries got its gears turning and brought it into township, a place with an identity and local population, to the little details, like how it got its name and who the place’s quirkiest residents or traditions are, all of these things can tell you so much about why a place is what it is today. Every town, no matter how small, has a history, and you never know what looking into that history is going to turn up.

Nederland, the mountain town most people know as the place they drive through on their way to a day of skiing at Eldora, is no exception. From their famous annual Frozen Dead Guy Days festival to their lesser known links to some very well-known musicians throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Nederland is much, much more than just a stopover.

Check out my article with Your Boulder, “Boulder, Meet Nederland: A Mountain Town History,” by clicking here.

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