Me & My Frisbee Margarita

Certain foods and drinks absolutely have the power to take people back to places in time and experiences from the past. For me, that drink is a Frisbee-sized margarita and that period in my life was, as you may have expected, college.

I know what you’re thinking, typical college girl loving on the fruity drinks, each of which probably had enough sugar in it to keep her alive on its own for three days. I like to think I was unique, though. I didn’t just like margaritas because they were flat out delicious, but I liked their heat, how refreshing and tart they were, but also how big of a bite they could have. Yes, I was a bit into tequila, and margaritas were “my drink.” I loved going to Casa Guadalajara in Old Town San Diego and ordering one of their giant margaritas and a mango chicken quesadilla, downing a whole bowl of tortilla chips and salsa before my order was even taken. On a crisp San Diego night that was my happy place many an evening during my four years there.

I love a good margarita. I have to say that nowadays I cannot handle them quite like I did back in college, but my love for them remains. And even though I do pine for Casa Guadalajara as summer comes around, I have to say that Boulder has some pretty amazing places here locally to enjoy street tacos, good guacamole, and a nice, big, tangy margarita.

Check out my article with Your Boulder live today titled “Staples of Summer: Boulder’s Mexican Food and Fare,” for some of my favorite local recommendations. You can read the article here.

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