West Flanders Brewing Company & Debut Thirst Colorado Article!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I am now writing for Thirst Colorado! This is an amazing magazine with a wide breadth of intriguing articles and opportunities to explore and dive deeper into our state’s craft culture in its entirety. It’s a wonderful publication and I’m honored to be contributing to their canon!

Not only do I love the magazine itself, but I knew this was a partnership that was meant to be when they asked if I’d be interested in having my first article with them be on the story of West Flanders Brewing Company. Not only is this one of my favorite local breweries (the Wee Heavy is one of my favorite beers) but it’s also where my now-husband and I had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding back in September! An amazing brewery with great food, great beer, and a great philosophy on their craft, West Flanders is a can’t miss Boulder stop.

Check out my article on page 31 of the Fall 2016 issue of Thirst Colorado, “Old World, New Frontier: West Flanders Brewing company,” or access it here.

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