Scary Good: Halloween in Boulder

I’m not really into Halloween, at least not the scary side of it. I was coerced into watching a lot of horror movies as a teenager. My friends were oddly immune to them, but they freaked me out to no end, and in high school I spent many a night over at friends’ houses curled up in a corner of the couch in the fetal position with my hoodie on backwards so I could put the hood up over my face whenever I got the feeling something might jump out at me.

For that reason, amongst others, I’m a much bigger fan of the cute side of Halloween. I melt when I see babies dressed up as lobsters being carried around in a big pot. The imaginations of little kids as to who they want to dress up as is adorable and hysterical to see and, as long as they’re dressed as a CUTE ghost or a CUTE skeleton or a CUTE monster, I’m all about it.

Boulder is a wonderful place to celebrate Halloween because so much of the emphasis is on providing a safe space for kids to trick-or-treat and have fun. Boulder also shines a Halloween spotlight on their local businesses and all the great décor, treats, and fun they provide for residents.

Check out my article with Your Boulder, “Scary Good: The Kooky & Spooky Season in Boulder,” to learn about some local businesses that offer ways to get festive this Halloween season. You can find the article here.

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